Become a chef and wine-taster for a day

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If you like wines and you get annoyed when other people pretend to know more than you, you cannot miss out on the wine-tasting courses offered by the prestigious Peñín guide, in the heart of the Gran Vía in Madrid (number 16). Here, you can find wines from different DOs, such as Ribera del Duero, Rioja and other peripheral wine cellars, Read full article

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Madrid, with a password

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jardin secreto salvador bachillerThere was a time that certain prohibitions allowed dark, underground and hermetic places to flourish, places that once you were inside were full of light, partying and freedom. What is left of those places? Read on.

On Calle Piamonte, 20, there is a place where you can do anything you went. All you have to do is call the owners of Le Cabrera and hope that they think is a good idea. Read full article

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Free museums in Madrid

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We’ve all heard that cultural access in London is better than in Madrid. In other words, museums in London are free and in Madrid they are not. However…

If you investigate further, it turns out that all museums in Madrid have free access on certain days or times. It’s not always free but it’s better than nothing. Read full article

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150 years of evolution of the male and female roles

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Photography can be useful, among other things, to shed light and form concepts that would otherwise be too abstract. We can see this in the exhibition Perceptions: men and women in the history of photography, which can be seen on Canal de Isabel II (Calle de Mateo Inurria – Metro Plaza de Castilla) from October 8th until January 5th. Read full article

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Shopping and more around the Salamanca district

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Serrano MadridCalle Serrano in Madrid is one of the most important and popular shopping areas in Europe and the world, where some of the most prestigious brands pay millions for a square foot of necessary visibility. It is located in the Salamanca district and in the Golden Mile that comprises the streets Serrano and Ortega y Gasset, Read full article

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Enjoy Germany in Madrid

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salchichas alemanasAlthough the Oktoberfest festivities are already over at the Barclaycard Center in Madrid, there are still a few places in Madrid where you can enjoy some Bavarian-style culture. One of them is Mantequería Alemana, which has been serving German specialities since 1952, one of the first in the Spanish capital. They say that it serves the best bratwurst in the whole of Madrid, Read full article

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A day trip to San Lorenzo de El Escorial

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El EscorialLocated among the hills surrounding Madrid, San Lorenzo de El Escorial used to be the favourite summer residence of the Spanish royal family and this time of year it shows all of its charms, especially thanks to the mild temperatures, far from the hustle of the centre of Madrid. It is easily accessible from our designer hotel in Madrid, Read full article

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Cervantes is in fashion

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Calle CervantesThis year is the 400th anniversary of the edition of the second part of El Quijote, which took place at Calle San Eugenio (there is a plaque next to the friendly Bar Vinícola Mentridana, in Antón Martín). However, people talked about Miguel de Cervantes because of the search process of his mortal remains among the bones that were found in the convent of Las Trinitarias in Barrio de Las Letras. Read full article

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Relax properly with a good massage

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MasajeSome say that a massage is a luxury only for a privileged few, somewhat of an expensive treat. However, that could not be further from the truth. Massages have so many positive effects on the body that they should be considered a necessity rather than a luxury, something available for everyone and that one should receive on a monthly basis. Read full article

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A getaway to Toledo

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ToledoBarely 30 minutes by train from Atocha station and from our hotels in the centre of Madrid, thanks to the AVE high-speed train, you can get to the historical city of Toledo, the city of three cultures (Christian, Jewish and Muslim). Make the most of your stay in Madrid and visit one of the most unique cities in Europe that is currently enjoying the festivities of the 400th anniversary of the death of El Greco, Read full article

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