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MasajeSome say that a massage is a luxury only for a privileged few, somewhat of an expensive treat. However, that could not be further from the truth. Massages have so many positive effects on the body that they should be considered a necessity rather than a luxury, something available for everyone and that one should receive on a monthly basis. Also, there are few things that are more relaxing than giving in to expert hands and letting your mind flow and your worries to one side.

At the Unna Life centre (Calle Españoleto, 21), you can find a centre dedicated to yoga and different mental and physical therapies. Their professionalism has an effect on the price but you can also tell its high quality. They offer Ayurvedic massages (traditional Hindu medicine methods) such as abhyanga, a relaxing massage with hot oils for 80 euros per hour; or vishesha, a deeper massage especially recommended for sportsmen and tired bodies.

Those who wish to enjoy an authentic Thai massage carried out by Thai professionals, who expertise in more than 20 massage types, can go to Sangpanya. For a more classic version, try a traditional Thai massage for 50 euros per hour. If you fancy extending your experience, you can choose it for 90 minutes for 70 euros or 2 hours for 90 euros. However, if you really want to enjoy a proper massage, try the four-hand massage for 100 euros per hour. A treat but one that you surely deserve every once in a while.

Another interesting formula is to receive the massage after a relaxing bath. You can do this in the centre of Madrid, a few yards from our hotel in Madrid Center (Calle de la Cruz, 28), at the Mas Vital centre, where they proudly boast about having a replica of the Japanese thermal baths, the onsen, of which they offer a thermal circuit. And so, for 33 euros, you can enjoy different baths and conclude the day with a toning massage that will leave you feeling completely renewed.

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