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paella madridSome say that you cannot eat proper paellas in Madrid, and they are partly right, since in most touristy places they serve you something that can barely be called a proper paella. Those who want to make sure that they try the best flavour of this dish that originates from Spain’s eastern coast, are lucky to have the Paella Route (Ruta de la Paella), which gathers 21 restaurants to make this recipe from the 7th until the 21st of June.

With prices from 30 to 40 euros, each restaurant will offer a different menu with paella as its star dish, with variations that can be more or less risky in each case. Examples of this are the paella with rabbit and asparagus from El Molinón or the one that includes cuttlefish and clams, or even the paella del señorito, a paella from the Salamar seafood restaurant whose ingredients are not stated but that one must try.

Menus include starters such as croquettes, octopus or pickled herring, dessert and Azpilicueta wine. Advance bookings are required and they must include a minimum of two people. You can find these restaurants around the city, mostly in the centre and in the Salamanca district.

One of the most hands-on restaurants with this initiative is El Caldero, which offers its paella, or ˝rice in paella” as it is properly said, with venison and vegetables. For dessert, flambé paparajotes (sweet deep-fried pasties) and lemon sorbet. Located in the heart of the Las Letras district, on Calle Huertas, 15, this restaurant is famous for preparing some of the best rice dishes in Madrid with recipes from the region of Murcia, in Southeastern Spain. It is a pleasant restaurant with dim lights and an exquisite decoration. Regarding its star dish, el caldero, its most striking part is that they bring the huge recipient that it is cooked in all the way to the table, a bit of a gastronomic performance for the meal. Bon appétit!

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