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BiciMADYou don’t need to be politician on an election campaign to go on a bicycle, since they are designed for locals, visitors and outdoor lovers. And what better way to discover a city than doing so on two wheels? Especially on this type of vehicle, since you must remember that they are not normal bicycles but rather ones that have a small electric engine that will make climbing and cycling in general a lot easier. With the arrival of the good weather and before the blistering heat of July and August, there are still some excellent weeks to enjoy renting these bicycles in Madrid, known as BiciMad.

So what is the first thing you need to do to start using this service? There are two user types: the yearly subscriber, who pays 25 euros when registering on the website and benefits from cheaper rates; and the occasional user, who pays 2 euros for the first hour or fraction and 4 euros more for the second hour.

If you are to use it more frequently, it’s best to get the yearly subscription, since the first hour costs 1 euro and the following one 1,20. However, if you come to Madrid on a visit you are probably best off getting the occasional option since it is the most comfortable one and a three-hour session, enough to see everything but to avoid sunstroke or any other unwanted setback, costs just 10 euros.

Don’t worry about the bicycle stations because there are plenty around the city. If you fancy seeing which ones are closer to your hotel, you can find them here. Another option is to take the bicycle in areas that are bicycle friendly, such as Madrid Río, which allows you to enjoy a pleasant cycle along the Manzanares river and then, if you wish, around Casa de Campo. At the roundabout of Puerta de Toledo, for example, you will find a bicycle station with its corresponding ‘totem’ where you can pay. Remember that it only takes bank cards. Enjoy.

Come and be part of this bicycle frenzy that has hit Madrid. Make the most of our hotel in the center of Madrid and get to anywhere you want in the city in the shortest amount of time.

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