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ChuecaIf there is a district in Madrid that exemplifies well the concept of gentrification, that would be Chueca. Decadent until the late 80s and filled with drug addicts and street violence, today it has become a fun, modern and designer district where the gay community, responsible for its improvement, feel comfortable and represented.

Shoe lovers, especially women, know that this is the place to come if you want to buy good shoes, since there are many good shops in Chueca that specialise in this accessory. In fact, Queen Letizia comes here when she can to buy her own shoes in shops like Rue St. Honoré. However, it would be a mistake to think that all shops are exclusive and only within the reach of royalty, quite the opposite. There are many outlet stores and shops with tempting offers, such as Zapatería Pirámide, Barrats Outlet, Lesac or Adela Gil. For lovers of the Superga brand, there is a shop dedicated exclusively to this brand that opened in March of this year, which you can find on Calle Augusto Figueroa, 27.

The streets Hortaleza and Fuencarral, parallel to one another, are also an ideal place to find all kinds of shoes of the best brands and at competitive prices. In Fuencarral Market you can also find many different things, so don’t forget to visit it.

And talking about markets, well worthy of a visit is the newly renovated Mercado de San Antón, which has many gourmet shops and a second floor that serves food from all over the world, ideal for a short pit-stop in the midst of all the shopping.

Chueca is also a district where you can buy racy articles, both for heterosexual and homosexual tendencies. One of the shops to do so is Amantis, on Calle Pelayo, 46, where you can find some sexy lingerie for her, books on sexuality, tantra, kama sutras and different items to make the most of your intimate life.

At Hotel Quatro Puerta del Sol we invite you to discover this renovated district. Our location, in the centre of Madrid, makes it easy to get to this part of the city with just a 15-minute walk. Do you fancy coming for some shopping and to discover one of Madrid’s most fashionable areas?

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