The best squares in Madrid

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Plaza mayor madridWhich one to choose? The Puerta del Sol is undoubtedly the most emblematic one, but not the most comfortable nor the most adequate one to enjoy a relaxing time with a beer. If that’s what you want, Plaza Santa Bárbara in Alonso Martínez is a good place to do so, with its many terraces that offer beer at decent prices. On Calle Orellana you can find Sampaka, the sanctuary of chocolate, where you can enjoy this speciality either in the shape of a hot chocolate with a bitter twist or as a sample presented in many different ways.

We hop to Plaza de las Comendadoras, Metro Noviciado, with the charm of 18th-century military Madrid, close to the Centro Conde Duque. Ideal for breakfast with a newspaper is Café Moderno, or the new Federal Café, an Australian-inspired bar that serves lavish breakfast with different fresh fruit juices, ideal to charge up with vitamins.

We then go to Plaza Mayor, of course, where we recommend you enjoy a nice walk on the square or under the porches. Leave this square founded in 1620 through Arco de Cuchilleros and go up the homonymous street, turning into Cava de San Miguel until you get to the market with the same name. A gastronomic treat with craft beers, cold cuts, signature croquettes and caviar at Caviar Cart.

We finish this small selection of squares at Plaza de Ramales, which you can get to from the nearby Plaza Mayor, which is right next to another essential square to visit: Plaza de Oriente. The artist Diego de Velázquez is buried on Plaza de Ramales, as you can see with its monolith, and there is a series of charming terraces where you can enjoy the winter sun with a nice beer or a warm coffee.

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