A winter’s cultural walk around the Retiro

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El Retiro MadridIt’s hard to compete with such delightful seasons such as spring and autumn, but the Retiro in winter has its own charm, a special melancholy, especially on grey days, days that are getting rarer in Madrid with so much sun. Walking around the surrounding area of the Palacio de Cristal is something straight out of an old film.

If you enter this park that was created around 1640 by order of King Felipe IV, one can discover that it is much more than a rich complex of vegetable species and that it has plenty of cultural interest. One of them is the aforementioned Palacio de Cristal, the Crystal palace, which until the 16th of March holds an exhibition organised by the Reina Sofía Museum dedicated to the work of the artists Janet Cardiff and George Bures, The Marionette Maker.

It is a combination of various narrative, scenic and visual elements that are used to question our perception of reality. In the installation located in this beautiful place they work with the idea of the voyeur and invite the visitor to come and look and snoop around the inside of a solitary caravan that holds a surprise inside. Open every day from 10.00am until 7.00pm.

Another interesting place is the Casa de Vacas Cultural Centre, which as well as working as a forum cinema organises exhibitions like the sculpture and painting one called Toys. Next to the big pond, it is part of one of the main itineraries, towards the Retiro metro stop and passing through the music kiosk, where you can hear live music in summer.

Lastly, the Eugenio Trías library (which used to be the so-called Casa de Fieras – a place that used to house many different animal species) is now a place open to the public that stages conferences and book presentations, a place where you can enjoy a nice atmosphere of books.

But not everything is related to culture. We recommend exiting at the Menéndez Pelayo gate and enjoying a drink in the many bars of Calle Ibiza or Calle Sainz de Baranda. Cheers!

From Hotel Quatro Puerta del Sol you can get to the Retiro with a short 20-minute walk down Calle Alcalá or by metro, a couple of stops on Line 2.

Photo: Fernando García Redondo via Wikimedia Commons. Licencia CC 2.0.

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