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tortilla patatasIf there is a fundamental dish in Spanish cuisine that would be the potato omelette known as tortilla, present on Spanish tables since the mid-16th century, when it was brought from America. It is a simple dish that, nevertheless, has many different ways of elaboration and that generates heated debate among its most devout fans: with or without onion? Well cooked or juicy?

Lovers of this type of omelette, a far cry from the ‘bricks’ served in some bars, have in Juanalaloca on Calle Cava Baja (Plaza Puerta de Moros, 4) a great place to try it, where they serve a Spanish omelette with onion that has been labelled “spectacular” by satisfied reviewers on the Internet. It is located in the heart of the district of La Latina, one of the best areas in Madrid to enjoy a few tapas, a place you can easily get to with a 15-minute walk from our hotel by Puerta del Sol.

At another point in the city, on Calle Espronceda (Metro Alonso Cano) we come across Sylker, whose vocation and dedication focuses on this tasty dish. They serve traditional omelette but it is so exquisite that the place has become famous for it, ideal to combine with other dishes served here such as croquettes, vegetable stew (potaje) or ox’s tail.

Some even say that they are the biggest tortilla experts in Madrid. This is the case of the owner of Txirimiri, a chain of three restaurants in Madrid (General Díaz Porlier, 91, Calle del Humilladero, 6 and Calle Ferraz, 38), who previously worked at the aforementioned Juanalaloca, where he became the master omelette-maker.

In this brief gastronomic guide we’d also like to include the classic tavern La Ardosa, on Calle Colón, in Malasaña, which offers an omelette that is well worth trying. The place serves excellent Castilian and Andalusian cuisine, with good beers and interesting seafood croquettes, mojama and Iberian cured ham. There is also a restaurant on Calle Santa Engracia, 70, with a similar charming and traditional decor, ideal to enjoy this dish, which is as simple as it is coveted.

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