Cocina castiza: los mejores cocidos de Madrid

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cocido madrileñoAutumn brings back the desire to eat the delicious stew known as cocido, although a true local can eat it no matter what time of the year it is. Cocido is a dish of simple appearance, whose origins are unknown and that was created by the wisdom of many families that passed on the recipe from generation to generation at the same time that they improved it. That is why as well as the relative simplicity of its recipe (and this can draw thousands of discussions) is also important where you eat it as well as the serving rituals.

An excellent restaurant to eat it, for example, is Casa Jacinto, the classic and traditional restaurant from Madrid, which is full of people, warm and where waiters service you like if it was their first day. For 12 euros per person you can sample its cocido in abundant servings, so you will most likely not need to order anything else. The worst that can happen is that the restaurant gets too full and it can be a bit too much for the waiters, but that is hardly a bad thing. To avoid that, it is best to book a table in advance. The area, next to the Senate and behind the Gran Vía, is a charming one, an oasis of peace and quiet in the heart of Madrid.

Better known around the world is La Taberna del Bola, located in a homonymous street, where the cocido is the only course you will need; however, if you do not like chickpeas, this is not the place for you. Like in Casa Jacinto, it is served in a traditional manner: first, the soup and then the rest of the ingredients, known as vuelcos. It is a great place for your cocido baptism and to immerse yourself in local culture. The restaurant is excellent value for money and its decoration is entertaining thanks to the many photos hanging from the wall.

Founded in 1895 as a wine shop, Malacatín evolved to a traditional local-cuisine restaurant to become one of the most famous ones in its field.

With bullfighting decoration, Andalusian style, and many colours, it offers cocido as well as other specialities such as the callos, cod with tomato sauce and even more modern dishes such as red tuna.

Of its cocido, we must highlight that its ingredients, the vuelcos, are complete and abundant, both the vegetables and the meat. It is definitely not the place for sensitive vegetarians, since the animals arrive almost whole, such is the case of the chicken. These are products brought from where they are a speciality, such as the chickpeas from Zamora and the chorizos from León, in a restaurant that owes its reputation to these exquisite details. You will probably leave with a fully belly and wanting to have a relaxing nap, and all of this for just 35 euros per person approximately. Where? In the heart of La Latina, on Calle de la Ruda.

These three restaurants are located a stone’s throw from our 4-star hotel next to the Puerta del Sol. Do you fancy trying them out during your stay?

Photo: jlastras via Wikimedia Commons. Licence CC 2.0 Generic.

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