¿A qué cine vamos en Madrid?

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Cines en MadridDespite the voices that lament the progressive disappearance of the number of cinemas in Madrid, the truth is that there is no lack of cinema in the Spanish capital, although admittedly in different cinemas that did not exist back in the golden days.

A good criteria to choose the cinema, aside from its listings, is according to Spectator’s Day, the day where there is a discount in prices. The Ideal cinemas, for example, have it on Wednesday, although the discount is not much to shout about: from 9.20€ that it normally costs, it goes down to 7.30€. In the Renoir cinemas, like those in El Retiro, Princesa or Calle Martín de los Heros, prices go down from 9€ to 7.50€ and even down to 6€ on Mondays, their Spectator’s Day.

On this subject, the one that offers the most competitive price is Golem, with an interesting ticket promotion of 4€ per single ticket. Prices aside, this is one of the best cinemas of the so-called Walk of Fame in Madrid, on Calle Martín de los Heros, and its facilities are perhaps the best of all cinemas. Following the footsteps of the independent films that Golem is famous for, we have Pequeño Cine Estudio, on Calle Magallanes,1, (Metro Quevedo), that screens quality films that were premiered a few years ago. The next few premieres will have an Asian twist to them, with Chinese and Thai films dominating the listings.

With a similar spirit, Artistic Metropol emerged a few years ago, a cinema that highlights the concept of the “re-premiere”, to fight against the fugacity of good films in the listings. They organise short film screenings and peculiar initiatives such as the “Surprise” session, a session chosen without previous notice by the cinema manager that costs 5 euros and in which the spectator has five minutes to watch the film for free: if he does not like it, he has that time to leave and get his money back. La Cineteca, in Matadero, is a good option especially when it comes to documentary films. And, of course, La Filmoteca or Cine Doré, on Calle Santa Isabel, with the best films of all time.

Those looking for more stunning, commercial films with the pleasure of 3D technology added to it should visit the Yelmo cinemas (Ideal, Islazul, Plenilunio, TresAguas, etc.). With the only surcharge being for the glasses (usually about 1.50€), this October you can enjoy films such as Jurassic Park 3D or Encierro 3D: Bull running in Pamplona.

Many of the more traditional cinemas in Madrid are located in the city centre, so Hotel Quatro Puerta del Sol is one of the best accommodation options to get to them. It is definitely a pleasant option to finish a day of sightseeing or business in the city.

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