Madrid: una España en pequeñito

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Gastronomía españolaSince 1798, universal exhibitions take place in different cities in the world, in which different regions and communities from around the world show their best side. Madrid should be perceived as a permanent universal exhibition of Spain’s different regions, or one great regional centre that is open all year long in which you can enjoy the traditional products from each region.

Leaving thoughts to one side, the truth is that you can find the best cuisine from around Spain in Madrid, as you can see below.

The cuisine of Navarre, for decades isolated due to a clear lack of marketing, began to awaken from its slumber with restaurants like MyVeg (Calle Valverde, 28), where classic elements (artichokes) are presented in modern shapes (dehydration). At La Huerta de Tudela – Green & More (Calle del Prado, 15) they also offer interesting vegetable tastings.

Catalonia has its representation in the different restaurants of Can Punyetes, both in charming locations like on Calle San Agustín, 9, in the heart of the Las Letras district or the one on Calle Señores de Luzón, in a picturesque corner of the Habsburg district of Madrid, near the Calle Mayor. It is recommendable to go during calçots season, which is from November to April (or from January to March, for the more fickle ones). Calçots are scallions that are grilled and served with romescu sauce, which is a delicious sauce made from nuts and red peppers.

We will also travel to Galicia, to Los Crustáceos, a seafood restaurant that opened in 1968 and that serves the best unpretentious seafood at competitive prices. It is a place where you go to enjoy juicy grilled red shrimps, steamed mussels, river crab, oysters, king crabs, soft-shell crabs, barnacles and more. They have opened another restaurant in 2014 at Calle Clara del Rey, 81 (Metro Alfonso XII) to add to their original restaurant at Calle Francisco Zea, 11 (metro Diego de León). You can also find reasonably priced seafood platter at Ribeira do Miño, on Calle Santa Brígida, 1, (Malasaña), which remind us of the gastronomic wealth of this country called Spain.

Madrid is therefore a fantastic place to enjoy a gastronomic getaway. To enjoy it fully, nothing better than staying in Hotel Quatro Puerta del Sol, a four-star hotel that is a reference in Madrid and is just a stone’s throw from the Puerta del Sol.

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