Una buena noche de blues

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Jazz and blues lovers can find many bars in Madrid where to enjoy this music genre, perhaps a little isolated in this large city. One of the most charismatic places is La Coquette, on Calle Hileras, 14, between Teatro Real and the Puerta del Sol. It reminisces of the legendary Chicago bars, with that appearance of low-ceiling cellars with brick walls and green lamps that give it the appearance of a clandestine gambling room. Entrance is free and they have many concerts every week, with boogie, blues and r’n’b music.

Boggi Jazz is another bar with a lot of passion for this kind of music. Located in the heart of Madrid (Calle Barquillo, 29), it opens from Wednesday to Saturday and on holiday eves to offer excellent jazz performances but also other similar genres, just like in La Coquette. They do charge a cover entrance and prices range from 10 to 12 euros, although you can have a drink inside while you enjoy the musical performance.

Café Central is as emblematic as they come, located on Plaza del Ángel, 10, next to Plaza Santa Ana. It is a much beloved place for artists such as Javier Krahe, who offers various concerts during the Christmas season. In August, they have ‘residencies’ of musicians who play there many nights in a row, artists such as Zenet, ‘Caramelo’ F.L. Jazz or the prestigious Jerry González, who played in the last week of August accompanied by El Comando de la Clave.

El Junco, in Alonso Martínez, is another place that has gained a reputation with time as a concert venue for this music genre. It has performances on stage every Tuesday, known as the Youthness Jam Session, for which you have to pay just 6 euros which also includes a beer or a soft drink. It is an option for those searching for a more spontaneous side of this music, a genre which is winning more and more fans every day.

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