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bosque encantado madridAn original excursion in what is known as a “unique botanical garden in Europe”, made up by 300 sculptures made on different plants and bushes. An ideal plan for the whole family with the spirit of mysterious gardens in films such as Alice in Wonderland or Edward Scissorhands. Its name: El Bosque Encantado, the enchanted forest.

It is a place on the outskirts of Madrid where you can get lost among this magic and prodigious architecture, one of the most ambitious attempts of topiary art, in other words, that one carried out directly on hedges or short plants. In this park, located some 40 miles from the Spanish capital, visitors can find labyrinths, exhibitions with cactuses, bonsais and a large variety of aromatic plants in a setting that was initially designed for children but that will however spark the interest of adults as well.

The person responsible for most of these wild sculptures is Juan Antonio Pizarraya, a designed from Seville that was inspired by Tim Burton’s film and wanted to make his dream come true. For that, he bought six acres of gardens and started working on his sculptures, now with spectacular results.

Pizarraya chose it having put a lot of thought into it, because the park also has natural elements of interest, such as the stream that crosses it and one of the few natural waterfalls on the western half of the Guadarrama mountains, the Barbellido waterfall.

You can get here by public transport on the 551 bus, which leaves the Principe Pío station in Madrid. Once at the San Martín bus stop, you can request a free microbus service of the park by calling +608 745 400. Entry prices are 11 euros for adults and 7 euros for children, with a discount for the unemployed.

It is open all year long and the visit, which takes from 2 to 3 hours, can be completed with a stop at San Martín de Valdeiglesias, a town that enjoyed its maximum splendour in the middle ages and that preserves valuable historical objects.

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