Comercio vintage: objetos con encanto

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madrid vintageSome people associate El Rastro to the street called Ribera de Curtidores and to Plaza Vara del Rey square. However, there is much more to it, as a series of shops crowded around it delight all the lovers of rare items, antiques, unique furniture and unusual decorative items.

At La Europea you can find old and industrial furniture, in a shop that looks pretty and cosy. You can find it, as well as La Recova, on Plaza Vera del Rey itself, the heart of El Rastro. They sell industrial-style furniture, garden furniture, chairs, armchairs and other decorative elements, all of them with the selective criteria of the owners, capable of selling a yellow mahogany desk or mirrors with strange and impossible frames.

At Living Retro, inside Galerías Piquer on Ribera de Curtidores, 29, you can find the “essence of the 20th century”, as they say on their website, with a selection of pieces that range from Art Nouveau to Art Decó, as well as designs from the 50s, 60s and 70s. Since you have already entered the aforementioned shopping gallery, you can also visit the small shop of Tila Barrena, which boasts a curious selection of items chosen with care and love.

We cannot forget to add El Transformista to these vintage recommendations, which is located on Calle Mira el Río Baja under the management of Juan Pérez. It has a collection of objects that are well worth checking out, just like if we were in a museum. The prices, rather high in fact, will decide whether we buy something or just enjoy some window-shopping.

Arganzuela, Mira el Río Baja, Carnejo and Carlos Arniches are streets to mark on the map of vintage items and antiques, all of which can be visited on any busy Sunday at El Rastro or even during the week with less stress. There are also shops dedicated to Marvel or DC superheroes, with the legendary Batman at the head.

Our three-star hotel next to the Puerta del Sol is just under a mile away from this shopping area, which is filled with people every Sunday morning when the market is on. However, if you prefer to see these shops with less people around, you can go to them any day of the week.

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