Al rico gazpacho

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gazpacho madridIt is one of the most characteristic, refreshing and nutritional products of Spanish gastronomy, but its presence is not as massive nor accessible on the street as one would wish for. For this reason, in this article we propose some clues for the ever-growing legion of gazpacho fans, without forgetting about its younger brother from Cordoba, the salmorejo.

Firstly, La Gazpachería Andaluza, located on Calle Ferraz, 34 (close to Parque del Oeste and the Temple of Debod) is one of the best places where to try this cold soup in the whole city. With thirty years of experience in the business, it offers a gazpacho made with its own recipe and philosophy: the one that no ingredient stands out above the other, so that the gazpacho is soft and tasty. They also sell salmorejo in recipients of 0.37 litres, 0.5 litres, 1 litre and large containers of 5 litres, for those who really love gazpacho.

In the renewed market of San Antón, in the Chueca district, they serve a delicious salmorejo in La Cocina de San Antón, topped off with Cinco Jotas Iberian hame that will delight even the most demanding gourmets. As well as the food, the place is worth visiting since it is located on the rooftop of the market, which offers stunning views of the heart of Madrid.

In the Cazorla taverns they offer the real flavour of Andalusia through their products, with a menu that boasts having the gazpacho made with the best ingredients and the ideal temperature to drink it in: neither lukewarm nor excessively cold.

At Tasquita de Enfrente you will find a good place to enjoy this rustic food. They make gazpacho in a strange way, as if it was a hybrid between gazpacho and salmorejo, with onion and oils emulsified in Jerez vinegar.

Much more healthy and refreshing, gazpacho is Spain’s ice cream. Make sure you try it during your visit to Madrid (do not miss out on the exclusive offers on our hotel’s website).

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