Un paseo por el barrio de las Letras

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Barrio Letras MadridIt was one of the hottest literary and drama areas in the city during the 16th and 17th centuries and from there it received its name, Las Letras, the letters, which combines its name with the Writers’ district or the Muses district. Some of the most famous writers from back then and of the later centuries lived here, such as Miguel de Cervantes, Francisco de Quevedo or Luis de Góngora, the father of Culteranismo who lived in the same house as his literary arch enemy Quevedo. Lope de Vega’s house was also on the street that gave its name to Miguel de Cervantes, since that is where the writer of El Quijote died. The Lope de Vega house-museum is one of the best-preserved ones and the most interesting one to go on a guided tour.

The remains of the man known as the “Félix of the wits”, Lope de Vega, are located in the church of San Sebastián, on 39 Calle de Atocha. It is one of the landmarks of this district, as is the Convent of the Barefoot Trinitarians, where Cervantes was buried although his remains have not yet been found. Nearby, on number 87 of the same street, is the printer house of Juan de la Cuesta, where the first edition of Don Quijote de la Mancha was printed. The second one was also published in this printer’s but in another building, on 7, Calle San Eugenio, a perpendicular street to Atocha that is barely a few yards away.

Therefore there are many attractions in this district that you can get to through Plaza del Ángel, the antechamber to the beautiful Plaza de Santa Anam where the old inn of San Sebastián used to be, which opened in the 18th century and that was considered the origin of all modern social gatherings. Once curiosity has been quenched, you can also satisfy your hunger and thirst in any of the many food offers in the district, few of which are literary themed it has to be said. If you go to Calle San Eugenio, now in the area of Antón Martín, you must visit Mentridana, a winery that preserves all the flavour of Madrid’s traditional bars. Plaza Santa Ana offers many terraces that look out to the Teatro Español, the place where all the theatre plays were performed in the early 1500s and where Lope de Vega saw his famous plays premiered.

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