Chueca: El barrio gay de Madrid

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ChuecaIf anyone does not know the meaning of gentrification, appearing more and more in Sunday-newspaper supplements, they just need to think of Chueca. A focus for drug addiction and a slum atmosphere, Chueca was slowly abandoned, at least commercially, which ended up with the gay community finding their stage to develop in this their territory. Slowly at first and quicker during the 90s, the neighbourhood improved its image drastically, becoming the epicentre of the city’s homosexual culture, with the famous Gay Pride Parade taking place there every year at the end of June.

Saunas, gay bars, gay and lesbian fashion stores, gyms, gay-themed bookshops and delicatessen shops fill this fun district, which neighbours Malasaña, another urban centre that is traditional of Madrid. Chueca is made up of narrow streets that were mostly built in the 19th century that still preserve and enhance their personality thanks to neighbours who are fully dedicated to this task.

It must be said that Chueca is the opposite of a ghetto and although most of the people on the streets there are homosexual, everyone is welcome here. The appropriately named Calle Libertad (Freedom Street) is where Libertad, 8, is located a place known for its poem and singer-songwriter recitals; also here is a traditional restaurant that tourists might walk past but locals love: el Bocaíto, where hungry stomachs can enjoy a delicious escalope, similar to the Wiener Schnitzel but Madrid style.

A must-see is also San Antón Market, filled with hundreds of different shops that sell varied and select products, as well as restaurants and terraces that are ideal to watch the people go by. Calle Augusto Figueroa is the place to buy shoes and Plaza de Chueca is one of Madrid’s most picturesque places, where everyone enjoys a few beers on the terraces that are located there.

Our hotel is located in the heart of Madrid -next to Sol and very close to the Gran Vía-and we are less than a mile away from this fashionable and popular district. Whether you want to have a walk around there or are looking for a hotel to stay in during the Gay Pride make sure you remember us.

Photo: Montrealais via Wikimedia Commons

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