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Salsa in all its forms has come to stay, it arrived in Europe imported from those hot countries from across the Atlantic and it has turn out to be the new craze that has really taken over everybody.

Madrid is no exception to this new or maybe old way of dancing and expressing yourself. So, if you are a Salsa aficionado, or even proficient at salsa, you don’t have to give up on your hobby just because you are on holidays. Madrid is full of salsa dancing venues.

Azúcar in Paseo de Reina Cristina, 7 is one of this places. Just off Metro Atocha it opens at 9pm. Although small, its decoration is breathtaking. There are three bars, which means the space for dancing is a bit reduced, however it is one of the best known salsa places in Madrid and very popular.

Tropical House in Gran Vía 54 is also a great place for salsa lovers. This venue is much bigger, it has two dance floors and the atmosphere is very welcoming. Advanced learners tend to help beginners and there are also members of staff around helping out to make everybody feel welcome. This venue is really something else and worth the try if you love salsa.

From Hotel Quo Puerta del Sol, both venues are very easy to access and you can easily walk back after a night out.

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