Las luces navideñas 2011-2012

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This year the Christmas lights in Madrid will be lit on Friday 25th of November and they will stay on until the 6th of January. The 6th of January is the Epiphany that officially marks the end of the Christmas period.

This year 3.8 million lights with LED technology will illuminate the streets of Madrid. 

This year the lights will use designs from previous years, including designs by the most famous fashion professionals, architects and graphic designers from Spain. Some of these are Angel Schlesser in the area of Princesa, Hannibal Laguna in the area of Orgega y Gasset, Purificación García in Goya, Juanjo Oliva in Jorge Juan, Ana Locking in fuentcarral and Montera, Amaya Arzuaga in General Ricardos, Sergio Sebastián in chueca as well as Teresa Sapey in Serrano and Hortaleza and Ben Busche in Gran Vía, Plaza Mayor, Bassesta, Barrio de las Letras and others and Turégano in Velazquez.

Between the 25th of November and the 23rd of December the lights will be on between 6pm and 10pm from Monday to Wednesday and from 6pm to 11pm Thursdays and Sundays., and public holidays and from 6pm and 12am on Fridays and Saturdays.

On Christmas Eve and the 5th of January they will be on from 6pm till 3am; on New Year’s Eve they will be on between 6pm and 6am; and between 25th of December and 6th of January they will be on between 6pm till 11pm.

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