De tapas por la Puerta del Sol

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In Madrid, on holidays people don’t eat lunch, or at least that´s what tapas lovers say. On Sundays and bank holidays they visit a long list of bars, pubs and taverns in a pub crawl full of flavour to enjoy the best “pinchos” (snacks) and “tapas” in the big city.

Today we are going to concentrate on the area of bars around the Puerta del Sol, just next to the Sol Metro station.

Alhambra is an Andalusian tavern where you can try the best typical fried snacks of the south of Spain. You can also find here, in Calle Victoria, 9, wonderful wines.

Another classical venue is Bar Antón, situated in Calle Mayor 63. Its tapas are mouth-watering, that’s why it’s normally crowded with people. Its two most popular specialties are kidneys with onion and sweetbread, two real delicatessen dishes.

One of the most beautiful and old bars in the area dating back to the 1827, is situated in Calle Huertas, 18. This bar is Casa Alberto, with five drafts and an onyx bar, but its best dish is “callos” (spicy tripes).

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