Ruta por el Madrid de los Austrias

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The most popular area among tourists in the capital of Spain is in the old town and is known as Austria’s Madrid. The name of Austria’s was given because of the dynasty of the Habsburg that reigned in Spain. The main kings of this dynasty built the magnificent historical buildings that made Madrid become the noble and elegant city that it is nowadays.

The reign of the Habsburgs started with Charles I who gave the city palaces and monuments. Afterwards Philip II chose it as the capital of Spain.

This Austria’s walk is almost 1,500 m long starting in Sol, and it continues through Plaza Mayor, Arenal, La Latina and Plaza de Oriente. One of the main pleasures in this city bathed by the Manzanares River is visiting all the different renaissance and baroque buildings of this era.

One of the main sites of this route is the Plaza Mayor, the agora of the megalopolis, where visitors can enjoy the view of the Bakery and the statue of Philip III in the middle of the square.

Afterwards, you can follow the Calle Mayor to get to the Royal Palace and the Almudena Cathedral, that was recently built, a real symbol of Madrid.

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